9H Protect eliminates the need to wax and polish your car every month. Our Nano-ceramic coating that leaves a powerful barrier of protection and a high gloss finish on your car that, when applied, will protect your car for several months at a time.


Glass Protect will form a chemical bond to the glass, leaving a hydrophobic effect that will repel water and other liquids. A perfect way to remove streaks and water stains in seconds and leave a perfect shine and well protected surface.


Fabric Protect uses the latest scientific breakthrough in Nano technology to create a powerful and long-lasting barrier on your car interior. Protect against dirt and stains to maintain and factory clean interior in your car.

Car Protect Kit:

Our popular clear cleaning kit comes with our three Protect liquids; 9H Protect, Fabric Protect and Glass Protect. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to get your car back to looking like it has just rolled off the factory production line. Our Protect range of liquids are all developed with Nano-technology meaning, unlike most conventional products, they will create a chemical bond when applied to create a seal against natural elements and leave a perfect finish, also known as the lotus-effect.

Car Protect Kit includes:

  • 1x 50ml 9H Protect
  • 1x 50ml Glass Protect
  • 1x 125ml Fabric Protect

How to Use this Product