Glass Protect

Glass Protect liquid will form a
chemical bond to the glass, leaving a
hydrophobic effect that will repel
water and other liquids.

Fabric Protect

Fabric Protect bonds directly around the
individual fibre’s and forms a shield
protecting that fabric, which resists
staining and repels liquid and dirt from
absorbing into the fibre’s.

Steel Protect

Steel Protect is designed to form a
protective shield on your steel appliances
that acts as a barrier to grease and
leaves a gleaming shine.

9H Protect

9H Protect leaves a hydrophobic factory
finish to your vehicle and is designed
to eliminate the need to wax and polish
a vehicle every few months.

Specialists in Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial properties and places of business are essential to keep well maintained and clean as they’re not only a place for your employees to work efficiently, but also a place for your customers to see that you are a trusted and clean company that deserves their business. We understand the importance to protect and maintain incredibly high standards of cleanliness and it’s our passion to help our customers achieve this. Our specialist commercial services team are experienced in working on large scale projects from taxi fleets, to large corporate office buildings and busy restaurants.

We can be called out to visit your premises at a time that suits you and your customers and our work is carried out using our high quality range of Protect products that have been designed using the latest in Nona technology. Fill out the form below to get in touch to discuss your full requirements.

Commercial Services

Crystal Protect offer a variety of commercial cleaning services using our range of specialist Protect products.
Below are some of our most common commercial areas of service.

Vehicle Protection

Your company vehicles are not only a mode of transport, but also act as a promotional tool for your business. Ensure your customers and prospective clients are accustom to a clean vehicle that represents your company. Our team of experts can visit your site and use our range of Protect products to clean and protect the interior and exterior of your fleet.

Restaurant Protection

A busy commercial kitchen is extremely difficult to keep well maintained. Our Steel Protect product goes further than leaving a high gloss shine to your appliances. The Nano-technology in Steel Protect forms a bond onto the appliance that will protect from grease for much longer, alleviating the need to spend hours cleaning each day. Our team of experts can visit your kitchen and work to thoroughly protect all surfaces.

Landlord Protection

Every landlord fears seeing their property after a tenancy in a bad condition and deep cleaning can only do so much in recovering your interior back to a good condition. Our team of experts can visit your properties and use our range of Protect products to seal and protect almost all of the contents from curtains, sofas, windows, bathrooms and kitchens.

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