Nano technology

The Difference In Our Products

The cleaning product market is a competitive one, so what makes our products different from the others out there today? The answer lies in nanotechnology – the science of tiny particles.

Here, we’ll explain more about how the way in which we harness this cutting-edge technology makes a world of difference to the effectiveness of our cleaning products.

What Is Nanotechnology?

To understand how nanotechnology gives our products such a unique benefit, you need to know what it actually is. A single nanometer measures a millionth of a millimetre and is just three atoms in length. Let’s put it in context so you can see just small this is – a single human hair measures around 60,000-80,000 nanometers in width. Our nano protective layers measure just 3-4 nanometers in width – an incredibly thin coating.


Our naturally processed products offer a natural benefit known as the Lotus Effect. Lotus flowers have a uniquely rough surface which allows dirt and dust particles to be removed as the water droplets roll off. We can replicate this effect, resulting in a self-cleaning, simple to clean, water-repellent and non-sticky surface after our nano coating has been applied.


Our Nano coatings not only improve the quality of the surface but they are virtually invisible. Even other companies which manufacture Nano coating products cannot usually produce invisible coatings. This is because they almost all utilise materials such as CFCs, waxes and oils which can only remain effective for short periods and can even cause damage to the surface itself by changing its colour. We, on the other hand, use a revolutionary non-sticky Nano technology which is highly durable, extremely efficient and very effective. It can protect surfaces from both organic and inorganic pollution like sand, dust, salt, ferric oxide, industrial contamination and insects. Since our nano coating products are also based on nature’s own processes, effectiveness is guaranteed via mechanical means with no need for silicones, pollutants or sealing pores. Our nano coatings are water and dirt resistant, durable, self-cleaning and simple to clean.

SiO2 Nano Particles

We have taken the decision to use SiO2 in our Nano coating products thanks to SiO2s abundancy and high resistance. It is thanks to SiO2 that our glass coatings last for as long as a decade, due to its temperature and abrasion repellent properties.

SiO2 particles build permeable, open, Nano-sized lattice shapes which blend on the molecular level with surfaces. The result is a bionic surface which is identical to surfaces found on leaves and plants but which is undetectable to the human touch. Much more stable and repelling than waxes, silicones, siloxanes, oils, paints, fluoro-carbonates, polymers and paraffin, our Nano bionic products actually increase the lifespan of the surfaces it coats while also giving a more attractive appearance and aesthetically appealing shine. Since our Nano coatings are scratch proof and non-adhesive surfaces stay looking their best for many more years to come.

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